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Why Us?


Unbelievable Pricing

We guarantee the best price in Western Canada on appliances that we sell.


Being a receiving centre for returned GE appliances for Western Canada (between 2 stores; Edmonton and Vancouver) there are no businesses in between, we are able to keep our prices low. Our prices are kept low also due to the fact that we have to maintain volume, unlike show-rooms that order appliances when they need them – we get appliances returned to us every day whether we need them or not, or whether we have space or not.

Customer Service

Every employee is trained to value each customer with only one goal to have them satisfied so they would return and recommend us. Years of experience and knowledge of the product gives ability to help repair what’s repairable, help in choosing right product when buying, and taking care of customers long after warranty is out.

Appliance Outlet Advantage!


Guaranteed lowest price in Western Canada on appliances that we sell. 


Years of experience in customer service and product knowledge.


Exceptional customer service throughout all departments

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